Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has introduced their Android app to provide an easy platform to report any incident

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has introduced an Android app on Safe Civil Aviation which is now available on Play Store.

The app aims to provide an easy platform for the public and other aviation stakeholders to voluntarily report any incident, issue or irregularity directly to the PCAA.

The general public, air travelers and other civil aviation stakeholders can now report any threat or incident that could cause harm to the aircraft or its occupants or the airports and their systems.

The Android application introduced by PCAA can report many different types of hazards, minor and major accidents, breakdowns, negligence, dereliction of duty, etc.

The reporter can also upload his statement along with files, photos etc. as explanatory evidence.

The reporter is not required to reveal his identity while using the app.

Citizens / travelers can also voluntarily report any danger or incident online by simply visiting the PCAA website.


It should be noted that PCAA is leading the way in making civil aviation safer and more secure as per the wishes of the consumers while violating the rules and regulations designed to protect the aircraft and its passengers. Strictly adheres to the zero tolerance policy regarding.