How much tax is on one liter petrol and how much government is currently earning from Petrol and Diesel?

The government is currently earning Rs 21.38 per liter on petrol and Rs 28.46 per liter on high speed diesel.

According to the report, when petrol comes out of the refinery, its price is Rs 113.40.

On a liter of petrol, the government collects Rs 9.74 per liter in customs duty, Rs 9.62 per liter in petroleum development levy and Rs 2.6 per liter in sales tax.

Thus, the government earns Rs 21.38 per liter of petrol.

Similarly, the ex-factory price of high speed diesel is Rs 106.79 per liter, customs duty is Rs 10.79 per liter, PDL is Rs 9.14 per liter and sales tax is Rs 9.2 per liter.

Thus, the government’s revenue from diesel is Rs 28.46 per liter.