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Pakistani singer Fakhr e Alam suffering from medical problems

Singer, actor and host Fakhr Alam has told fans through a social media post that he is suffering from some medical problems these days and is in need of prayers.

In his tweet, Fakhr Alam shared photos of his medical examination and CT scan at the hospital and told fans that he was facing unknown medical problems.

The host said in a tweet that “he doesn’t like going to the hospital but there are some issues to do, which are being diagnosed.”

In a short tweet, he appealed to the fans to pray and also shared photos of his tests.

The CT scan control room computer can be seen in the pictures shared by them.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

After he tweeted, many people prayed for his recovery.

Commenting on his tweet, a doctor claimed that the visible image was a CT scan of the abdomen, in which changes in the kidneys could be seen.

The man said in a comment that in the visible image, swelling in the right kidney and changes in its structure can be seen.

He also wrote the name of Fakhr-e-Alam and prayed for his recovery.

Some people also criticized the doctor for talking about his illness on the picture of Fakhr Alam and wrote that why did he talk about his illness without the permission of the host?

Some people argued to the doctor that if Fakhr Alam himself did not describe his disease, then who are they to talk about his disease?

Fakhr Alam tweeted about his illness at a time when he was seen hosting a program on a sports TV channel a day earlier.