US Secretary of State Blinken meets with Chinese Foreign Minister, expresses concern over human rights violations in China

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken met with Chinese Foreign Minister Cheng Yi for the second time and expressed his concerns over alleged human rights abuses in China.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement that Blinken opposed China’s actions in the Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, East and South China Seas and Taiwan, including human rights abuses, because they were against our values ​​and interests. Are

During the meeting, Blanken also mentioned countries and sectors where the United States and China can work together for common interests, including North Korea, Burma, Iran, Afghanistan and the climate crisis, the statement said.

The meeting between the two foreign ministers took place in the Italian capital, Rome, where they are attending the G20 summit.

Earlier, the two met during a tumultuous session in Alaska in March, where a Chinese delegation slammed the US side.

Tensions are running high between the world’s two largest economies over trade, human rights, Taiwan and the Code-19 epidemic.

The statement said Secretary Blanken stressed the need to maintain contact between the United States and China in order to conduct competition in a responsible manner.

Earlier this week, the United States ordered China Telecom to shut down its services within 60 days, ending a two-decade-old operation in the United States and raising tensions between the two countries. May intensify

US President Joe Biden has adhered to his predecessor Donald Trump’s policy against China and has adopted a tough trade policy where relations between the two countries have deteriorated due to Trump’s policies.

The issue of Taiwan has also been a source of tension between the two countries in recent months.

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China claims an independent and allied island, and has vowed to recapture it by force if need be.

Earlier this month, the United States confirmed that several US troops were on the island to train Taiwan’s military.

US President Joe Biden has warned China of its aggressive intentions towards Taiwan and vowed to defend Taiwan.

He said the United States was ready to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack, but withdrew immediately after a warning from China.