The price of gold per tola in the Pakistan has reached to the highest level

The price of gold per tola in the country rose by Rs 4,200 to reach the highest level in history at Rs 132,000.

According to the Dawn newspaper, traders said that the price of gold had declined in recent years, but since then gold has been selling at the highest price in history.

In August 2020, the price of gold had reached Rs 132,000.

After that, however, the price of gold gradually declined.

Last week, the price of a gold towel was Rs. 122,200.

Traders attributed the rise in gold prices to the continuous depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar, while gold prices have risen around the world.

As a result, consumers in the country are paying a lot of money to buy gold.

The traders said, “You can better understand the situation from the statistics that the price of gold per tola has increased by Rs 18,500 since October 1, 2021.”

He said that such a huge increase was due to the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee and the rise in the price of gold globally.