GoP Launches a digital portal to facilitate overseas Pakistanis

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a digital portal for overseas Pakistanis.

The Prime Minister said that obtaining power of attorney was a big problem for overseas Pakistanis, 75,000 Pakistanis have to go through the process of power of attorney.

Addressing the function in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that the digital portal will facilitate overseas Pakistanis, Overseas Pakistanis are our biggest asset.

Imran Khan said that instead of making life easier for overseas Pakistanis, difficulties were created. Overseas Pakistanis sent remittances of ارب 30 billion in our time. I consider overseas Pakistanis as the greatest patriots.

The Prime Minister said that Overseas Pakistanis have been included in the democracy of Pakistan by giving them the right to vote.

Imran Khan said that what could be more foolish than not using technology, after my suggestion the use of modern technology started.

The Prime Minister said that people from within the FBR do not allow automation to come, 9 million Pakistanis abroad will be able to participate in voting, for the first time in Pakistan trace and track system is being introduced.

Imran Khan further said that voting machines are working all over the world. If there was a voting machine, 1.5 million votes would not have been lost in the last election. What is the benefit to our party as to who voted for whom?

The Prime Minister said that Overseas Pakistanis run the country with money but did not have the right to vote. Those who benefit from the old system are against change.